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Interested in joining us for the adventure of a lifetime? The greatest fish spectacle on the planet. Every year, between June and July, billions of sardines migrate up the east coast of South Africa in search of warmer waters to breed in. This migration triggers one of the largest animal migrations on earth, attracting an abundance of marine predators like dolphins, sharks, and even whales, who all gather to feast on the little silver fish. 


Visit for the full itinerary and package information! 

Sardine Safari Experience 2023

R19 500,00Price
    • Arrival 2023/06/17, departing 2023/06/24

    • Arrival 2023/06/26, departing 2023/07/03

    • Arrival 2023/07/05, departing 2023/07/12​

    • Arrival 2023/07/14, departing 2023/07/21

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